Merasakan Kemewahan dalam Satu Genggaman Zenfone 9

Challenge 1:20 PM

What Do I Feel When I Write.

Challenge 7:06 AM

My Goals for The Future

Challenge 9:18 AM

Loving someone

Cerita Vindia 9:21 AM

Someone Who Inspires Me

Challenge 4:02 PM

My School

Challenge 10:03 AM

A lesson i've learned

Challenge 9:16 AM

A Letters to Someone

Challenge 9:50 AM

22 Oktober 2020

Challenge 5:33 PM

About Love

Challenge 10:39 AM

Celebrity Crush

Challenge 9:00 AM

My first love

Challenge 8:30 AM

30 Facts about Me

Challenge 8:35 AM

Ways to Win My Heart

Challenge 10:02 AM

Someone I miss

Challenge 9:16 AM

If you could run away, where would you go?

Challenge 9:16 AM

My style

Challenge 11:14 AM

Favourite Book

Buku 11:44 AM

Favourite TV Series

Challenge 5:20 PM